Building Great Businesses with the Best Products

What is

QNET is a global e-commerce brand. We empower our customers not just by providing them with great products and services, but by giving them the opportunity to build thriving sales businesses helping to promote and sell those same products and services.

With locations all over the world, QNET is highly diverse. The company has distributors in the Middle East, Southeast, East, and Central Asia, Europe, and Africa, helping citizens all over the world become entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

QNET customers are part of a global network of over 20 million people who have built businesses and now live better lives, with success stories in over 100 countries since 1998.


Global customer base

1000s of incredible products

Support in many languages

CSR practices across 37 cities

20 years of history

Infrastructure across 25 countries

Incredible mobile experiences

Global distribution


QNET is inspired by a simple philosophy:

– Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. 


Truth matters above everything else.


We must provide a planet and environment inhabitable for generations to come.


We serve everyone.


We help entrepreneurs achieve financial independence, creative inclusive businesses, and innovate across industries.

RYTHM in Practice

Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.

QNET was inspired by the leader and activist Mahatma Gandhi. We believe that our success comes only when we empower others – and this is a core tenet of our business.


A true leader humbly serves others – and service is central to our leadership and company culture.


QNET is a direct seller of wellness, health, lifestyle, and educational products and services. QNET helps people live healthier, better, longer, and more abundant lives. Headquartered in Hong Kong, QNET has over 25 agencies across the world serving a massive base of distributors and customers. In addition to purchasing great products and services from QNET, customers can also promote QNET products and services to others and start businesses of their own, earning commission on products they help to sell.

No. QNET is a direct selling business in which you can purchase products. If you would like to become a QNET distributor, you can become an independent representative at QNET.net. If you have been told otherwise by someone else, please contact us at [email protected] immediately.

There is NO recruitment in QNET. Recruitment schemes, also known as “pyramid schemes,” are unsustainable, and as such QNET does not pay sellers anything for any type of recruitment. This is why QNET has been able to grow for over 20 years.

Direct selling involves selling directly to consumers, rather than in stores or retail locations. These sales can happen online or in a customer’s home, for example. Direct selling products are unique to companies like QNET and are not available elsewhere.

Over 100 million people around the world are direct sellers in some way, and this business
model has proven effective for over a century.

QNET only pays people for product sales. When you purchase, use, and enjoy a QNET product – and help sell that product to others – you can receive a commission based on those sales.

Compensation for these sales is calculated by on how many sales you generate through referrals. Entrepreneurs all over the world have used the opportunity to grow thriving businesses over their own.

Remember that QNET is not a scheme of any kind. It takes hard work, patience, commitment, and goals to launch a successful sales business. Fortunately, by choosing to sell QNET products and services, you have no operational overhead or start-up costs. Everything depends on the work you put in.